We created blockchains they did not create us.

Blockchain Communities

OK Satoshi had the vision, wrote the paper and was the main cheerleader up until the ball got rolling and people started to see “This is something different”.  The process of community creation is difficult, it takes time, experiment and collective failure which is hard.  

Let’s keep in mind why “This is something different”.  shutterstock_317361944

These are all trust networks, this implies something inherently human and communal.  Market value proceeds from what we collectively agree is of value.  The technical nuances somehow contain our predilections for greater philosophical aspirations, while at the same time embody very pragmatic concerns.  

On some days it reminds me of the battles between religions about what is the “Right” way to relate to God, but then God doesn’t care so long as you’re talking.  

As with everything in our universe balance is key.  Collaboration is a spiritual activity those who would make it a political tug of war do not understand the creative process.  

Blocksize, immutability integrity, proof of stake, proof of work, nothing we create is perfect.  It will always have to be improved upon, our creative output will need a strong community behind it to maintain value.  Let’s not forget what is really important here, we are not our creations we are community first and our creations flow from there.  

So diversity in communities result in diversity in creativity which is a good thing it but should never happen at the expense of any community.  Ethereum Classic will succeed or fail on the merits of its community.  

We created blockchains they did not create us.  

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