Consultant to Enterprise IT for 25 years in prior to coming to Hayward Pool.

Consultant to Enterprise IT

I started my career in Social Services in the 1970’s, back then punch card computers were only used by large organizations and not viewed by the general public in a very favorable light.  Most contacts were limited to errors on your utility bills or banking statements.

In the 1980’s I started several clinics and with each new clinic, we started installing more and more of those new IBM PCs?  Being the Hacker type I learned Artificial Intelligence Programming on my own and landed a job with John Hancock in Boston MA.  Within a year I moved back to the NY area to work in a prestigious AI Lab / Think Tank.

The 90’s brought a boom in my consulting business,  and the internet changed everything about how we communicate.  While running a data center in Tuxedo NY customers and projects include:

  • Indian Point Nuclear Power – Engineering Process Redesign Containment Building
  • Sony Music  – Business Re-engineering Special Products
  • Discovery Communication – Content Management System Development
  • AT&T – Business Process Automation
  • IBM – Business Process Automation
  • NYSE – SEC Compliance / eDiscovery
  • GE – Intranet & SSO
  • John Hancock – AI development
  • XICOM – Neural Network Research & BPM Consulting

Today the democratization of networked computing is changing not only how we communicate but how we make and market things.  Technology evolution is moving at a faster pace than ever before, This is me trying to keep up!  Come along for the ride!  Join in the discussion!


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