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Bitcoin Energy Consumption

Bitcoin Energy Consumption

July 6, 2019

easy to measure easy to criticize Bitcoin Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) I am sure you have read one of those articles declaring Bitcoin energy consumption will singlehandedly destroy the earth.  Now I am all for responsible use of energy, but really.  Bitcoin energy consumption is easy to measure because of Bitcoins transparency but if Bitcoin’s […]

Time to Separate Money from State

Time to Separate Money from State

April 12, 2018
Crypto Gambler Newsletter V0.3

Crypto Gambler Newsletter V0.3

March 6, 2018

These Newsletters were distributed to a select audience who requested information on ICO’s and cryptoassests, they are contain interesting information however they should not be construed as investment advise.

oldguy1I have always enjoyed poking around the inner workings of machines, software, things that appear easy on the surface but you know there is some sort of technomagic that makes these things work.

I recall when we got our first TV, I and my four brothers took turns trying to explain to each other how it worked.  None of us had a clue, and the explanations were what you would expect of preadolescent children.

My parents encouraged curiosity, taking children on several hospital visits as a result.  What happens when you put a nail in a spray paint can?   If you pack match heads in a CO2 cartridge does it fly like a rocket or explode like a grenade when lit?  If you shoot a tank of propane will it explode like the movies or just spray propane all over like the nail in the paint can?  Not blind or otherwise maimed from a very open childhood I remain endlessly curious.

Why is Bitcoin different from anything that has come before it?  What does it mean for how our world will change going forward?  Where are the hidden opportunities?  If you shoot a propane tank with a tracer round will it explode?

I encourage my children to be curious, haven’t been to the hospital save a few occasions, they are growing up digital.  Still, they know how to wire a CAT5 RJ45 connector and troubleshoot TCP/IP.  I keep the tracers and propane hidden.

Please enjoy reading this information I had a great time living it.


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